How To Make A Study Schedule That Works For You

How To Make A Study Schedule That Works For You

With so many classes, this means overwhelming amounts of assignments and tests that it can be difficult to keep track of due dates, especially during exam season. Each teacher has their agenda and it’s your responsibility to remember which class has a test or homework assignment that is due and when. This can be chaotic, but with an organized plan we can avoid the added stress and missed deadlines.

Color Coding

This organization hack is simply one of my favorites and may become your best friend. The best way to keep track of upcoming classes is to start by choosing a color for each class. For example, if biology is blue then all tests and assignments corresponding to Biology should be written in blue. You can even color-code tests and assignments separately but we think this is more complicated, especially for beginners.

How To Begin:

The first thing you’ll need is a calendar, which you can either by at the local store or make online. Now it’s up to you whether you color code online and print it out or use markers as you go. We recommend using markers because throughout the weeks you may notice new deadlines added that were not in place before. Its always helpful to fill things in as the semester goes, especially if you have a bit of OCD when it comes to organization.


Having a planner is the before period, where you’ll track down all the deadlines you hear in class and then move to your calendar. Then that is when the color-coding fun begins! However, it’s important not to miss this step or you will forget when your homework is due and when your quiz even is. You can use bullet points and number dates, as long as all the information is there! Be sure to double-check the syllabus or with a classmate if you feel like you’re lacking something.


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