Cleaning Hacks For Students

Cleaning Hacks For Students

When you’re in college that means cleaning your apartment is not the top thing on your priority list. It’s hard to find the time to work it in between your group projects, exam schedule, and social life. Months may go by until you realize you have no clean dishes left and you can barely see your bedroom floor because of the pile of clothes stacked up. Fortunately, with these low-cost hacks, you will have your apartment sparkling clean in no time.

Clean Your Microwave

College dinners typically mean microwaving food, but these warm-ups usually leave lingering odors and splattered food remains. By placing a cup of vinegar into the microwave for one minute, the steam will dissolve the old food remains and help decrease the unpleasant smells.

Clean Your Blinds

Window blinds are an inevitable place to collect dust. If you want them to shine just combine water and vinegar and wipe them down with an old sock or rag. Then dry it off with the other side, your blinds will be sparkling instantly.

Oil Your Cutting Board

Cutting boards can get scratched up and quite filthy when they are used so many times. With the help of olive oil, you can give your wood a fresh new look by pushing the oil into the wood.

Clean Your Faucets

Lemons are not just great additions to food or teas, but they are also a great cleaning hack. With half a lemon you can polish water stains on your faucets and make your bathroom shinier and smelling great.

Refresh Your Laundry

When your laundry is sitting in the basket for a long period your clothes will likely develop a stench. By adding a cup of baking soda into your laundry your clothes will be extra fresh and bring vibrancy into your whites and colors.

Magic Erasers

If you don’t know about these already then prepare yourself because magic erasers are about to become your best friends. Whether it’s for dirty shoelaces, walls, shower curtains, toilets, bathrooms, magic erasers are the solution you’ve been looking for.


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